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Our Interests

As a family, we have diverse interests. Most of the links on this page will take you off-site and give you insight into how we spend our time when we're not thinking about Hillside Haflingers.

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Kasia keeps a portfolio of her art under the name "Splasia" at the community website "Deviant Art", which is very artistic but deviant in the non-perjorative sense.


We share our pictures here on this website and at various community sites. Chris has a Flikr account where he shares his photographs. Though most of his photography is family record, he enjoys landscape photography as the California Central Coast is spectacularly beautiful.

Saratoga Gap January 08

You'll find some of Kasia's photography on her Deviant Art site.

Run Down by Kasia


Cheryl and Chris both work outside the home. Chris is a software engineer at Adobe, most recently in the Business Productivity unit on the Hosted Services product lines. Try out Adobe's Buzzword, Adobe Share and Acrobat Connect to communicate and share information. Many of the projects that Chris works on are available for preview or trial through Adobe Labs.

Cheryl teaches a Booksin Elementary School in San Jose. For 2007-2008 she has a grades 1-2-3 combination class which keeps her busy. Booksin is forward-looking and has recently partnered with She's currently looking for a companion guinea pig for Pogonip, who lives in the classroom and spends vacations and long weekends at our farm. His old cage-mate, Piglet, sadly passed away in mid-January. The competition for Guinea Pig placement is stiff, with some prospects using video to plead their case.


Chris has had a 1959 Porsche for almost 10 years. The car's name is Legs, because she can really stretch out and run.


He's gradually made it over into a purposeful Autocross car and is involved in the Porsche Club of America's AutoX series in the Loma Prieta Region

Along with longtime friend Patrick Oehlsen, Chris has formed MO'Fun Autosports, which is a shorthand way of saying Markham and Oehlsen are going to go have Fun with their autos.

Chris frequently takes pictures at these autocross events and gives them to the webmaster for posting on the LPR website or hosts them on his own site. Here are pictures from an Autocross last August in Marina, CA.

Dave Dunwoodie took some really great pictures of Legs and has them hosted on his iDrive site.

Chris is also involved with the Porsche 356 Registry, helping to start their website in 1998. Most recently he contributed an article to the Registry Magazine (circ. 7000 worldwide). Read a pre-press copy of the article.


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