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Family Picture

The below was taken New Year's 2007.

Family Picture New Year's 2007

Left to Right: Keith Hutchings, Nancy Markham (seated), Chad Hutchings, Karey Markham, Cheryl Markham, Chris Markham, Kasia Markham.

Grandma Nancy was visiting from San Jose, as were Chad and Keith, who live in Las Vegas and San Jose, respectively. Kasia and Karey live on the farm.

Details on each of our activities can be found under the "Our Intersts" link to the left.

We're a family with diverse interests. Cheryl loves animals of all shapes and sizes and especially enjoys the interactions between children and animals and educating kids on animal life. She's a 20-year grade school teacher in San Jose with specialties in reading development and classroom technologies.

Mr. M., Chris, prefers his 1959 Porsche 356 over the animal activities. He's employed as a software engineer at Adobe Systems in San Jose for the last 16 years. Most recently he's been working on Adobe's new online services.

Our oldest son, Keith, is attending SJSU and serving at the Los Altos Grill. He lives close to school in an apartment in San Jose with his wonderful girlfriend, Monica.

Our second son, Chad, graduated from UCSC and is living and working in Las Vegas, seeking a position teaching high school english. He and his terrific girlfriend, Heather, are members of a variety of national Anime and Renaissance guild groups.  

Our older daughter, Kasia, usually has a pencil or charcoal in hand and her favorite music plugged into her ears as she sketches her view of the world.

Our youngest daughter, Karey, vaults with Creekside Vaulting Club. Both girls enjoy giving local children pony rides.


Cheryl has a 1st/2nd/3rd Grade Combo Class at Booksin

This year at Booksin Elementary in San Jose, Cheryl is teaching a combination 1st/2nd/3rd grade class.


Chris has been on vacation in January of 2008, working around the farm on a long list of things to do. The PCA Autocross season starts up the end of March.

More can be found in our Interests page.

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