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J.F. McSuds

Suds came to us from Washington. Trucked down, he was promised to be 14h2 tall. He turned out to be slightly shorter than that, at about 13h2, but he was a sweetheart, so we kept him. That was 8 years ago.

Since then, he's been Kasia's vaulting mount, trail horse, pony club mount.

.Kasia and Suds

Here, Suds and Kasia participate in a Santa Cruz County Pony Club Games Rally. This was spring of 2004.

Suds Games Rally 2004

What Suds is really good at is driving. He's proved himself to be very quiet, responsie and smart in harness.

Suds Driving

Anyone who know Suds would know that he loves to eat! Here we see a classic Suds move. He got halfway over the jump and noticed there was something to eat on the other side, so stopped--mid-jump! He kept eating long enough for us to retreive the camera.

Suds eating over jump

Many kids have borrowed him as a Pony Club mount over the years because he's so easy-going for young riders.

Suds at Pony Club Meet

Below is Kasia jumping Suds on the Windance stadium course at the Santa Cruz County Pony Club Mock-D Rally in 2004.

Suds Windance 2004

And of course he gives rides to kids at the farm, too. Here, a couple of kids from Cheryl's class enjoy a birthday ride in our arena.

Suds at a Birthday Party

Below is Nietzsche on the left, Suds on the right, with Karey and Cheryl showing the kids how to start jumping by going over a ground pole.

Suds at a Birthday Party


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