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Epiphany, Leila & Katie Kisses
Our Miniature Southdown Babydoll Ewes


Leila and Katie both from came to us from Kimberly at West Coast Babydolls in Gilroy.Leila is a creamy white lamb. She is registered with Robert Mock. Katie is faded black babydoll ewe (Black face and legs, lighter, faded wool). Both are tiny, gentle girls that love attention from visitors.
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Leila and Epiphany

Leila, and Epiphany, our shy, not-so-Miniature Southdown Babydoll Ewe, behind her. No, that's not snow, the light through the trees is shining on them.

Leila at the barn
Leila strikes a pose.

Leila and Karey
Leila is very friendly, and likes to rub noses with Karey.

Pictures of Leila's twins for 2010 are here!

Katie "Kisses"

And here's Katie Kisses. Katie is a black sheep, but you see it only in her feet and face. The skin under her wool is black but her wool is pale. This isn't the best picture. Her legs are much straighter but look odd because of my bad shearing job. By the way, we're looking for a local *experienced* shearer for our flock.


Epiphany is a larger black Babydoll sheep. She is purebred but not registered (though we were assured when we purchased her that she would be.) She's unusual in that her wool hasn't bleached out in the sun, so she stays black. Epiphany is a bit shy for visitors so *may* be for sale as a pet after lambing this spring. We would sell her with either her goat companion or one of our lambs or just her to someone that can show they have other PET sheep. Babydolls cannot live happily without another sheep friend! Email us if interested.

Epiphany Epiphany

NEWS! piphany and Katie are both with Lamb

On February 2, 2002 we took Katie and Epiphany to West Coast Babydolls where Dr. Seals of Tri County Vet in Gilroy did ultrasounds. Our girls were determined to be pregnant and due the end of the month. It looks like Epiphany will have TWINS!

Sonogram Sonogram

Epiphany lays back for a last-minute trim to get ready for the sonogram. Katie gets checked...its positive!


Hard to tell, but this is a lamb fetus. Do you see it's little heart?

See the video of the sonogram below!

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