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Rosie, a spayed 5 year old light deadgrass Chesapeake Bay Retriever, is available for adoption. Rosie's vaccinations are current and she's received monthly heartworm treatment. Rosie retrieves on land or in the water and is great with kids. She is a good watch dog and will bark to let you know someone is approaching.

Rosie is healthy and athletic and is a super jogging, hiking or beach companion. She knows basic commands and walks nicely on a leash.



Rosie bonds quickly. She'll greet you with a Chessie "Roo roo roo." whenever you return from an outing! Rosie has a high prey drive. She gets along with horses and our cats but cannot be left unsupervised with other dogs, poultry, or rabbits.

Rosie rarely barks and doesn't chew but will dig in soft dirt if left unattended for long periods of time. She prefers to be outdoors during the day and indoors at night. She does not stray from home. Rosie is somewhat house trained and has been accident-free when restricted to the mud room & kitchen. While at work, we've kept Rosie tied on our deck with a 20 foot line from a 30 foot "slide". When tied or held on a leash, she can be stranger aggressive. When loose, she is not aggressive.

We rescued Rosie Fall 2002 when she became aggressive with a previous adopter's neutered male lab. After a few months with us, Rosie killed our chickens and started acting aggressive towards dogs we met when we had her out on her leash. She has become increasingly territorial around the house and has nipped a few adults that have come to visit. Except for her adult-stranger anxiety, Rosie is a GREAT DOG. We'd be willing to place Rosie with a single person or family that has an understanding of Chesapeakes and NO other pets.

We request a $50.00 donation to CBR Rescue or South Bay Purebred Rescue

Please email or call 831-335-3582 if you're interested in giving Rosie a home.