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Nietzsche's Electric Light

Formerly known as "Lightning Boy", we gave him a more adult show name, but he's just "Nietzsche" around the farm. He came to live with us as our very first horse. Cheryl got him while still in college and he's been with the family ever since.

He's a Welsh-Quarterhorse pony cross, and about 28 years old.

He's retired from Pony Club, where in his long career with many riders he has won numerous awards including a High Point award in the Santa Clara County in the early nineties.

Here is Karey riding Nietzsche at Windance Farms at a Santa Cruz County Pony Club Camp Rally in 2004 (photo ©2004 David Wong).

Copyright 2004 David Wong

Here he's at a birthday party celebration in spring of 07

Nietzsche Birthday party 06

Nietzsche Games 04


©2007 Hillside Haflingers