Hillside Haflingers of Felton, CA

Mudge is our new Livestock Guardian Dog

He's a Great Pyrenees puppy and was 3 months old when these pictures were taken. He was whelped the end of September 2007.


A Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) has a job on a farm. Mudge stays with our flock during the day, keeping them safe from predators in our area, most specifically the coyotes that range the Zayante Valley.

About Mudge

We got Mudge in December of 2007 as a 11-week puppy. He was whelped and got a really fantastic start in training from Paula Swapp at Eagle Rock Ranch in Kanab, UT. We drove out to Las Vegas where the Swapps met us with Mudge. He took to us right away. The long ride back to the coast after our visit with Chad and Heather in Vegas helped us all bond.

Mudge with Herd

There are great groups that specialize in LGDs and Santa Cruz County has a great one to help people with their LGDs.

Mudge is sweet and eager to please. He's got his routine is bonding with his flock. getting along well with Rosie the Chesapeake, which is a great relief and shows how far Rosie has come since she came to the farm.


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