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The Animals of Hillside Haflingers

There are a lot of animals here beside the Haflinger ponies, but lets introduce the horses, first.

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Cayleen is our lead mare. She is 17 years old. She is unusually dark for a Haflinger. She has had at least three foals, two of which live here at the farm and one of which was born here. She's well-known by her unusual and very long, silver mane. Cay has a sweet disposition and is Cheryl's trail horse.

Cay and Cheryl See more pictures in
Cayleen's Gallery


JF McSuds

Our gelding, McSuds, JF, is the cutest vaulting "trot" horse, driving, trail and  Pony Club mount! What he lacks in impulsion, he makes up for in personality. His easy going attitude makes him an excellent candidate for theraputic riding.  When he's not working, he's Kasia's mount and pet. If we can't find him, we know he'll be somewhere there's food, as Suds loves to eat!

Hi, I'm Suds! See more pictures in Suds' Gallery



Our senior pony, Nietzsche passed away this past Christmas of 2009. He was a golden Quarter Pony with "power steering" that kids adored. He was approximately 34 years of age, and right up to the end Nietzsche still enjoyed a good run. He would settle down to provide lessons to our youngest visitors. He was the gentlest of ponies and really understood when little ones were underfoot. Seeing him dip his head to get a kiss on the nose from a youngster would melt your heart. Many loved Nietzsche over his long life, all will miss him.

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Confetti was our next addition to the herd. She is Cayleen's first filly and Chance's half sister but has a lot more "go" than our other horses.  She's fantastic on the trail and has been used in Pony Club by a bold intermediate rider.  'Fetti would like to be someone's NATRC or dressage horse.  She is available for lease or sale if we find the perfect partner for her.

Confetti See more pictures in
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Chance To Dance

in 2004 Cay was bred to an exceptional Morgan stallion, Robbie Sue's Sundance of White Gold Farms to produce our beautiful Morgan-Haflinger filly, Chance to Dance. Chance is being gently started to drive and ride.

Chance See more pictures in
Chance's Gallery



Pixie is the newest horse to join the Hillside Haflingers herd, in January of 2008. She's a palominio miniature. She's very sweet and as we get to know each other we'll have more to say about her place at the farm.

Pixie See more pictures in
Pixie's Gallery


The Rest of the Farm Animals

Each of the animals below has their own picture gallery and description. Click on a picture to see more of each of them.

Leela the Lamb Pippin
guinea pigs chickens
Tortoise Epiphany
Mudge Rosie
Perl Java
Liberty The kitties are, from left, clockwise: Liberty, Perl and Java.

If I had some fingers...

RIP Moochi & Piglet:2001-07

Moochie was a very old guinea pig, who passed away in July of this year. Moochie spent the school year at Booksin Elementary in San Jose in Mrs. Markham's class where he was so well cared-for he lived to be very, very old for a guinea pig. We and the kids of Booksin School will all miss Moochie.

In January, Moochie's long-time cage-mate, Piglet, passed away after a short illness. He was a sweet pet and will be missed by our family and the classroom in which he spent most of his 5 years.


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