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The Family's Guinea Pigs

Pogonip the So Pig ("Pogo") is the perfect family guinea pig. He was adopted July, 2007 to be Piglet's companion when Piglet's lifelong buddy, Moochie passed away.


Pogonip is a white American-Himilayan cross Guinea Pig. He has a special job of helping young children understand the responsibilities of pet ownership. Pogo spends most of the school year in Cheryl's classroom at Booksin Elementary School in San Jose where he is loved and attended to by Cheryl and her students.

Pogo's Cage

Guinea Pigs need plenty of room to be healthy and happy! Homemade coroplast and crate cages are wonderful, but didn't fit well in space in our classroom. We needed a front opening model to allow class "zookeepers" to refill the feed dish, give daily veggies, and visit at eye level. Thanks to Sol, a nice Craigslist seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pogonip now has 2 Marchioro Tommy XL Cages-- one in the classroom, and another at home! Woo-hoo! Room to wiggle and do the piggle dance!

Pogo's Cage

Pogo's Cage

Pogonip the Sol Pig in his new cage, but looking a bit lonely without his friend. We are looking for a spayed female or mellow boy to be Pogo's new friend.

Adopting Pogonip

Cheryl has had guinea pigs in the classroom for most of her 20 year teaching career. They are ideal first pets for children when carefully supervised by an adult. Moochie, a beloved longhair Peruvian, and Piglet, a wild haired Abyssinian were purchased within a week of each other to be class pets at Booksin Elementary School. Moochie passed away July 2007. Piglet, his lifelong friend, was very lonely. There are too many pets (dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs) in shelters!

Understanding that guinea pigs do not do well alone, but not really wanting to get another baby pig from a breeder, Cheryl searched local rescue groups. We were on our way to the Santa Rosa Animal Shelter to pick up another longhair Peruvian, but found out en route that he hadn't been released post-neutering surgery. We changed our plans and diverted across the Bay Bridge to visit our favorite reptile store, East Bay Vivarium, to buy supplies for Almaden, the tortoise.

As it turned out, the Berkeley animal shelter was very nearby so we stopped there to see if they had a friendly pig. They didn't, but told us Cavy House Rescue was doing a placement session just up the street. It was there we met several cute guinea pigs including Sol (later renamed to Pogonip the Sol pig!). His calm nature and curiosity won everyone over immediately. (Okay, Cheryl wasn't immediately fond of his pink eyes, but was convinced by Karey that his personality overshadowed the spooky gaze.) Once home, Pogo was introduced to Piglet. Piglet was at first reticent, they quickly became new best friends.

Piglet and Pogo



When Pogo and Piglet went to the classroom this fall, we knew Piglet was starting his 6th year as a classroom pet so warned the children that he was an old pig and might not be around too much longer. Seven months later, we noticed Piglet eating less and dropping weight. During the holiday break, we decided to retire him from the classroom. Family members took turns cuddling Piglet and encouraging him to eat his once-favorite treats during those final days. Sadly, we bid farewell to Piglet in January, 2008.

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