Hillside Haflingers of Felton, CA

Chicks and Chickens

Raising chickens on the farm has been a challenge. We have a strong predator population in the Zayante valley, including skunks, racoons, hawks, owls and bobcats. Our flocks are tempting targets to these natural occupants of the California Coastal range. We have a coop and completely enclosed cage attached to the back of the coop. This fall we added additional reinforement by adding a concrete floor in the outdoor cage to thwart tunneling.


Frizzle Chick

The frizzle chick above is named Moonbeam. New chicks are expected in February. Once they're hens (and roosters) some will be for sale. Contact Cheryl if you might be interested.

As our chicks grow, some become layers and we share our egg crop with our friends. It is an unusual item on the grocery list to see "a dozen eggs", but we have to buy eggs until the chicks grow up and can provide the freshest of breakfast treats.

Cheryl's favorites have included Blue Cochins, Bard Rocks, Americaunas.



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