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Chance To Dance

Chance is Cayleen's second foal. She was foaled the 5th of July 2004. She's 3 years old. Chance is the first foal to be born at Hillside Haflingers ranch. She is a half-haflinger; her sire was Robbie Sue's Sundance, a Morgan palomino stallion from White Gold Morgans Ranch.

Chance at 12 hours

Chance and Cheryl


Why "Chance"?

The story behind her name and her origins is that at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento in 2002 we stopped at a booth and entered a drawing for a breeding. White Gold Morgans had a beautiful palomino stud (see the picture in the photo album to the right) which we thought would match well with Cayleen's features. So we took a $5 chance--and won the breeding! We had a chance to see Sundance at a horse show in nearby Watsonville and knew at that point that he was going to throw a beautiful foal. Which he did!

She has delicate features and surprisingly looks much like Nietsche (on left, below), her stall-mate.

Nietzsche and Chance 2006

Chance has a very sweet disposition, is very friendly, comes on a whistle and has been started in harness and bridle. Most recently she spent time at Mike Dowd's Rolling Pony Ranch for driving training and will likely go back in the spring.

Cheryl got her started under saddle very gently last winter and in harness with no load last spring.

Chance shadylawn 2007

After Mike's training, she's progressed to pulling a tire. Cheryl is continuing her practice and training.

Chance Driving

Birthday Pictures

We're using Adobe's new Photoshop Express to make an album of Chance's first day...

This is Chance's Dad. Click through this picture to see Chance's Birthday Album!


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