Hillside Haflingers of Felton, CA


Cayleen is our brood mare. She has had two foals. She foaled Confetti before we found her. Chance To Dance was foaled on our farm.

We found Cayleen at the Western Haflingers Show in Linden, WA in the summer of 1999. It was a heady weekend for us, as not only did we get Cay, but we also took a trip up to Vancouver, BC, and Chris found "Legs", his 1959 Porsche coupe.

Cayleen is darker than typical for a Haflinger, but within breed standards. Her silver mane is remarkably long, and Cheryl keeps it braided as often as practical to keep it that way. Most of the other haffies on the farm have managed to shorten their manes by rubbing, but not Cay!

Cayleen Chery & Karey up the hill We rarely ride double at Hillside Haflingers, but this cool winter afternoon Cheryl and Karey let Cayleen bring them up the hill. Cay easily obliged them.

Cayleen 1999

Cay Jan 08

Cayleen Driveway 2003


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