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Hello from the Markham Family

Welcome to our hobby farm, Hillside Haflingers in Felton, California, our hobby farm. Living in the Santa Cruz mountains allows us to keep our horses at home, ride on peaceful local trails, and welcome each day with a beautiful sunrise. The banner above is a photograph taken from our deck!

Suds Driving (click for bigger picture, opens in new window)

We share our hillside home with a small herd of Haflingers. The breed originated in Austria from cross-breeding an Arabian with a Tyrolean mountain horse. Thier friendly personalities and great strength have earned the breed the nickname "the tractors of the Alps".

These stocky little horses are easy to recognize in their various shades of chestnut, from very light blonde to dark with long white or flaxen manes and tails. Most range in size from 13-15 hands.

To learn more, visit the Western Haflinger Association.
You can read more about our ponies in the barn gallery.

Besides the Haflingers, we have an older Quarter Pony and the perfect miniature horse for introducing small children or special needs kids to horses.

Pixie the Miniature Horse

We have a little flock of Miniature Southdown Babydolls sheep. Our first was Epiphany, a chubby black ewe.

Epiphany, a Southdown Babydoll

Over the years, we've rescued, adopted, and raised a variety of critters including Rosie, the Chesapeake, Liberty and Gypsy, the once feral barncats, a few chickens and a nestful of squirrels. There are more pictures of the Markham menagerie off-site (opens in new window).

.baby squirrels


In the future, we hope to develop our own theraputic vaulting and equine assisted therapy programs. For now, we welcome the opportunity to partner with a NAHRA certified instructor who carries her own insurance and wishes to use our trained vaulting ponies and small arena.

Our little hobby farm is a work in progress. There's always a project in the works. To date, we've reinforced the leaning barn, constructed a small arena, added a washrack, retaining wall and gates (and that's just outside!). We're aiming for new perimeter fencing in 2008!

Future projects include replacing the barn, adding a 60ft vaulting arena, and building a garage for Legs. We're taking it one step at a time. All the while trying to remember to take in the views, breathe the air, hug the animals and each other.



Shearing Day, Spring 2010

The Wool Family came over from the eastern SJ Foothills and along with some neighbors we had a shearing party!

More Spring Lamb Pictures


Bear is a Southdown Babydoll who has come to the farm to be the ram for the flock. There are more pictures of Bear's first day.

Sheep Sonogram

The above is a sonogram showing Epiphany's pregnancy with twins! The twins and Mosi have found new homes.
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